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from the same book


from the same book

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making a resume when u have no experience 


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girls aren’t “easy”, girls don’t have difficulty levels. some girls like sex and some girls don’t. you aren’t winning anything by getting either of them to sleep with you.

Some girls only want sex after emotional closeness develops, but to call this “difficulty” says some really disturbing shit about what you think emotional closeness is for.


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1970s interior design


1970s interior design

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I hate having to over validate what I say.

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linaevelovesyou asked: Came here via the Brain Scoop and wanted to say your work is fantastic! I love the line quality, it's really expressive and dynamic. What is your typical media and process for your work?



Aw! Thank you!!

In general I use photoshop/illustrator for complete pieces.

As for my process I’ll start out with a sketch like this:


After that I take a picture and throw it into photoshop and roughly draw it out while tweaking the composition:


and then I paint.


A lot.

Then I throw the painted work into illustrator and finish out the rest.

Thanks again! I hope that answered your question!


This makes me appreciate the final piece so much more! 

<3 Kelleigh Swaim

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Don’t Work From Home



You’re a permanent freelancer or an early stage entrepreneur and you don’t have an office to go to. Your options are usually one of these three things:

  • Work at home 
  • Work at a coffee shop
  • Work at a coworking space

In my own progression as an entrepreneur, I’ve gone through the above stages in that order and here’s my insight into how you should evaluate your own space:

Working at home

The big perceived incentive for working at home for most people is the savings. Spending money to rent a desk or buying coffee/food is cash that could otherwise be used on your business.

It’s a valid assumption, but it’s important to think about how much value you could be getting by not using your home as a workspace.

For starters, tools like Airbnb have made it much easier to monetize an extra bedroom. You might spend $300 to $500 for a coworking space like Grind, Office Nomads, or The Icehouse but you could also rent out your bedroom three to four times a month to make a lot more to offset that cost and make a profit as well.

In Chicago for example, there’s a big demand for renting rooms versus hotels. If you can use your extra room to make $500 to $1,000 versus using it as a home office (even with tax incentives), the decision is a no brainer.

Working at home also has some significant intangible costs. Your mental state when you’re at “home” versus when you’re at “work” should be different.

When you overlap the two you often suffer from either not putting in enough effort while you’re working, or putting in too much work time when you’re supposed to be at home. Some people can manage this dissonance, most can’t.

Lastly, if you’re running a business that requires occasional meetings, you’re stuck doing them in public places or at the location of your client. That works, but it potentially hurts perceptions around your business and the amount of money your customers think they should be paying you.

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there’s this sign at this bar I go to after work. It’s over the toilet in the girls room. It says what all signs in the girls room say, and it says “Please don’t flush feminine products down the toilet. Thank you, MGMT” 

Right next to that, some girl wrote “DID YOU GUYS KNOW THIS IS A BAND? OMG” 

and next to that, another girl wrote “GREAT JOKE UR SO CLEVER”

and so I wrote “Everyone either of you have ever met has only tolerated you. we all die.”

I’m really excited for what the future holds for our conversation!

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